#Nollywood Movie Review of ‘Weekend Getaway’

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Weekend Getaway

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Couples with problems in each of their relationships go on vacation at the magnificent Le Meridian Ibom Resorts, where unanticipated situations arise.

Weekend Getaway like Ikogosi takes its bearing from Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married 2? (Janet Jackson, Sharon Leal, Malik Yoba).  Weekend Getaway assembles fresh-faced Nollywood actors, relying on their beauty and handsomeness to enliven a superficial plot.  

There must be reasons why everything happens in a screenplay and film.  However, when cause and effect are non-existent or weak, the quality of the film becomes the casualty.  What made Mysterio (Bryan Okwara) fall for Ogechi (Ini Edo), given the fact that the young man is from a privileged background whilst the lady is a cleaner in a hotel?  Does Ogechi exhibit any trait that Mysterio finds extraordinary?  The reason for the attraction is not revealed to the viewer.

A director cannot just make things happen in a film just because he or she wants the story to be unpredictable.  Cause and effect, no matter how subtle, are principles that guide major human decisions and cannot be neglected in films, involving humans.

Another element in a good screenplay, which was poorly handled in Weekend Getaway is understandability.  It should be clear to the audience how and why things happen in a movie.  The relationship and problem between Mahadi Bello (Uti Nwachukwu) and April Casper (Genevieve Nnaji) are unclear.  No one can really figure it out and this is not pardonable.  

There is a difference between a sophisticated transaction, which people with limited education or exposure may not understand in a film on the one hand and an utterly vague situation on the other.  However, when a director employs vagueness as a tool in his work, without ever clarifying the haziness, then he has failed to communicate.

The Department; directed by Remi Vaughan Richards and incidentally starring Desmond Elliot, the director of Weekend Getaway; is a story of criminal Information Technology (IT) professionals, which may not be easily understandable  to people with just rudimentary knowledge of IT.  Yet, everything that happens in the film and the motives behind them are clear to everyone, including people with limited IT knowledge.

Weekend Getaway has gaping holes, which are disappointing; considering the fact that the film has the signature of Emem Isong, the same notable writer/producer, who gave us such classics as Hit and Run, Emotional Crack, Darkest Night and Shattered Illusion plus a number of other hits.  When one sees the array of stars in this film, there is high keenness that another classic is in the offing, but that expectation is not fulfilled.


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