#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘In The Music’

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In the Music

Two sisters, Ihuoma (Keira Hewatch) and Nnenna (Chelsea Eze), leave home when it becomes difficult to cope with their stepmum.  Ihuoma lands in an organization where she meets Chris (Bryan Okwara) and the two are united by their love for music.

The choreography, when Jessica leads a group of chalk-eyed dancers, is fabulous.  Their use of the 360 Delivery van is good product placement, which enhances believability.

In 2012, the musical Hoodrush (O. C. Ukeje, Bimbo Akintola, Gabriel Afolayan) made waves and got mixed reviews.  Though it told the scintillating story of two brothers, who struggle to eke out livelihood from their talents in music, it was criticized for being unduly long because the director allowed incredibly long musical performances, some of which lasted for more than five minutes.  It also got a lot of backlash because the soundtrack was not well synchronized with the movie.

In the Music, which tells an identical story as Hoodrush makes similar mistakes (as Hoodrush) and more.  It requires a lot of patience to sit through the film, which lasts more than two hours because its story is not as captivating as Hoodrush’s.  Though it employs two pretty ladies as sisters, pursuing their music careers as opposed to two young men who featured in Hoodrush, Nnenna, one of the sisters in In the Music, disappears into thin air quite early in the film.

The sisters are not in touch, not even through phone calls, meanwhile the film is a contemporary one!  This is unacceptable because the producers set her up as one whose adventure was going to be interesting, alas, nothing was heard of her for the rest of the film.  Yet, Madam (Omawumi) similarly disappears like Nnenna when there were expectations that her character will undergo some transformations and contribute in making the film interesting.

The performance are too long in many cases and the producers included extraneous scenes that are neither informative nor entertaining.  The films is quite predictable because it was obvious that Jessica (Beverly Naya) did not have the wherewithal to excel; rather Ihuoma, the more skilled of the two, was going to succeed.


Brevity was sacrificed for two much exposition.  Indeed, a TV series could have been faster paced than In the Music.  The red carpet dragged for a long time.  The noise of a generator in the background mars the scene, where Jessica and Ihuoma have a discussion in the dressing room.


Before releasing the film on DVD, it will pay producers to remove all the ludicrous material in this film, so that viewers can enjoy it better.


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