#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘Ikogosi’

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Three couples embark on a retreat in order to strengthen their marriages, but unpalatable revelations towards the end of their vacation throw up unforeseen conflicts.

Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, Nigeria is renowned for a spring, which has become a tourist attention.  So, the producers of Ikogosi are extolled for promoting tourism in Nigeria.

Mfon Brutus Richard wears a totally different look such that it is only when the credits roll at the end of the movie that one deciphers he is the one.  He and the producers of the movie are commended for achieving that transformation, which boosts Richard’s characterization and performance.  There is nothing more refreshing in a film than to see an actor who wears a whole new personality in each film.

As a corollary, it is always the lack of creativity that makes film-makers allow actors appear, speak and act same way in every film.  Most importantly, Richard is an actor that knows his onions.  The Leo Oji and Didi Ekanem characters are very comfortable with each other in Ikogosi that they really look like husband and wife; fabulous acting.

Ikogosi looks very much like Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married 2? (Janet Jackson, Sharon Leal, Malik Yoba), which is quite unseemly, considering the fact that a love story on tourism at the Ikogosi Cold and Warm Springs could have been told, without copying an existing film or work of art.  The problem here is chiefly that one person wants to earn the credit for screenplay, producing and directing altogether or probably wants to cut cost.  In either case, it is artistry that unfortunately becomes defeated.  Incidentally, Ikogosi looks like another Nigerian film, Weekend Getaway which must have also been modelled after Why Did I Get married?

Writers/directors, especially those who have worked on a couple of projects, should realize that at a point, the works of creative people like them risk sounding and looking the same way if they fail to reinvent themselves.  In the case of film, there is always a new writer or storyteller somewhere with an idea with fresh angles, meaning that producers and directors should seek them out.

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In Ikogosi, a 73-minute flick where some scenes drag endlessly, it is evident that Toka McBaror’s story was thin, so he let Lisa Omorodion’s character cry for more than five minutes in the scene, where she is consoled by Chelsea Eze’s character who is her sister.

Much as chastity is a highly underrated virtue in today’s world, it is improper to precipitate a crisis with one’s husband or wife, owing to the person’s past relationships, which ended when the two of you became man and wife.  The conflict about past affairs in the film is bewildering because the people involved had ‘forsaken’ their former lovers upon marriage.

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Isn’t it too drastic to bathe your husband’s phone in water because he violates the agreement to stay away from phones during a vacation?  How about seizing the phone or removing the batteries to forestall usage?  Thankfully, the man involved bears it calmly.

See Ikogosi on irokotv because it is entertaining and who knows you may learn a few lessons on how–cum-how not-to-treat a life partner.

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