#Nollywood Movie Review: If You Were Mine

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Director- Pascal Amanfo

Producers- Maame Adjoa

Writer- Maame Adjoa

Cast- Majid Michel,  Rukky Sanda, Roselyn Ngissah, Kweku Elliot

Time- 1:43:42

Year- 2015

Genre- Romantic comedy


“Max meets a mysterious lady in a nightclub, next thing he knows this woman is in his house and on his bed. The next time he bumps into her, Ashanti the mysterious lady has already stolen every fiber of space in his heart. Things move so fast that by the time he realizes, he’s already proposed. 

Written and directed by Pascal Amanfo, If You Were Mine is another Ghanian production that is in dire need of an engaging plot, a proper script and deep characters even if it’s just a comedy.

Starring the likes of Majid Michel, Rukky Sanda, Kweku Elliott, Roselyn Ngissah, Maame Adjoa Adom Obimpeh, Salma Mumin and Pascal Amanfo, the movie lacks in storyline what most Ghanian movies miss, a plot that will seemingly engross its audience and lines that would crack you up in a good way. As the synopsis mentions, Max runs into a lady he meets in the club and then takes her home. While this is not in any way new or different, I believe looping the scenes that follow together and tying it properly at the end was what was totally absent, annoying and a pure waste of an hour plus of my time as it was badly executed.

Majid is not one to shy away from roles, Nigerian talk less of Ghannian, but there is something about Majid, (I have said this severally), that remains the same with all his characters.  He’s lines were great for this production, he had more compose than other characters, however, he always seems similar with his delivery. At a point in most of his movies, his voice will be high-pitched; his eyes and mouth will be open at the same time with his veins almost popping out of his neck all this with little or no theatrical edge to his character.

Rukky Sanda as Ashanti, was just okay. Some chemistry seemed to flow between the two characters, which is every director’s dream and also felt natural cause the movie was a thin line between drama and some sort of comedy. However, Rukky didn’t bring anything outstanding to this character and it felt like anyone else would have achieved just the same thing.

Her group of friends, made up of Roselyn Ngissah, Maame Adjoa Adom Obimpeh and Salma Mumin brought the much-desired comedy to an already dire situation and while this was a development the production honestly needed, I cannot say with an open conscience that it was well executed.

Scripting in a normal stance follows some sort of order, giving a format and consistency expected by all participants apparently, that wasn’t the case for this movie, throwing in the dream aspect felt brilliant, but it fell heavily on its face as it didn’t connect or add anything to the movie. Directing and Production seemed to be on lock down as I searched sunglasses to see if I would catch a reflection of a camera man or a microphone and got nothing, so while we have moved past that solid gaff in the industry, editing needs to be taken up a notch as the unnecessary scenes came a dime a dozen.

If You Were Mine is one of the many films directed by Pascal Amanfo and one would have thought, since he has several movies to his credit, he would have gotten a proper handle of movie making by now! If You Were Mine earns a 2/10 from Xplore.

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