No Games Here: Rapper The Game Is Being Sued $10Million For Sexual Assault

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The Game offers Kanye West $10 million

Rapper The Game is being sued by a contestant on his reality show She’s Got Game.

According to the contestant, The Game had sexually assaulted her many times, one of which was when they were filming for the dating reality show at a sports bar.

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The Game reportedly put his hands under her dress and rubbed her bare buttocks.

The contestant Priscilla Rainey who is suing The Game for $10million according to TMZ said the Rapper was out of control and was usually drunk and on drugs.




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  1. I hope this is not true. That why you can’t have shows like this with thirsty females one being her priscilla rainey. To keep it 100 he need to just go back to the mother of his kids. I think he will be back with her as soon as the fun is over with….

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