Nene Leakes Is Beautiful In Balmain On A Night Out

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Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes is not your typical 47 year old and that is why she’d be nothing but beautiful on a night out.

The reality star stepped out for dinner last night in Balmain and Louboutins and she did turn heads.

Nene who left the show that made her a star two months ago, ditched her statement short hair and wore a long hair instead.

But trust the outspoken reality star to still rock whatever hair she wants in blonde.

A few months ago, Kim Kardashian announced via her Instagram page that Nene Leakes would be joining her video game app.

And that’s not surprising because who wouldn’t associate with all the beauty Nene still has going on?

Nene Leakes 2 Nene Leakes 3 Nene Leakes

Photos: Daily Mail



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