Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Is Charged With Raping 15 Year Old Girl

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Nelson Mandela's grandson

Nelson Mandela’s grandson has been charged with raping a 15 year old girl.

Mbanuso Mandela, 24, who is also Winnie Mandela’s grandson, reportedly followed the girl into a restaurant’s toilet on Friday and grabbed her there.

And in what seems like an interesting twist to the story, Winnie sent her bodyguard who disguised like a policeman to go threaten the victim’s family and would have succeeded but for the girl’s father who insisted on seeing a police badge.

Mbanuso appeared in court yesterday and is said to be held in Police custody where he would be until the next hearing which would be a bail hearing.

Looks like young Mandela did not hear about his late grandfather’s legacy and decided to be a bad boy, either that or he thinks all the women in South Africa belongs to him cos he’s got the Mandela DNA.

Whatever the case is, looks like a long legal battle for him.





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