Nasty! Fastfood Worker Wipes The Floor With Bun Then Uses it to Make Hamburger

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A viral video shows a Checkers worker making a hamburger, but first pausing to wipe it on the floor before putting in the filling and completing the burger.

The video was shared on YouTube by a Duane Moore, shows the woman wearing a Checkers uniform rubbing a bun on the floor behind the counter at an unidentified Checkers location.

It is not clear if it was served to a customer, but that is enough to make you lose a taste for hamburgers for a long time.

The company responded on Facebook stating  that the employee was just goofing off and that the employees from a Baltimore-area franchise were terminated. However, many of the commenters are suspicious of the fact that the burger was thrown out.

Checkers Response Video

Posted by Checkers and Rally’s on Wednesday, August 5, 2015



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