NAF Begins Airstrike Against Sambisa. See Photo

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The Nigerian Air Force has begun airstrike against Sambisa forest, the Boko Haram stronghold.

In its resolution to incapacitate and further degrade Boko Haram Terrorist, the military has carried out several bombings and air strike missions in Sambisa Forest, Air Commodore Dele Alonge, Director of Public Relations and Information of Nigeria Air force said in a statement on Saturday.

airstrike on Sambisa
A photo of a previous airstrike on Sambisa

According to him, the strike missions came after several weeks of tactical reconnaissance by the reconnaissance/ surveillance aircraft.


The air strikes carried out by F-7NI and Alpha Jet fighter aircraft, as well as attack helicopters has resulted in the degradation of the terrorists capabilities and destruction of some of their strongholds.

Intelligence report revealed that as aftermath of the strike missions, the terrorists have been confined and their capabilities greatly reduced, thereby restricting their nefarious activities to small scale attacks and suicide bombings.



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