Men’s Health Thursday: Here Are Five Reasons Women Fake Orgasms

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It may seem vague but it’s actually safe to assume that most women have faked an orgasm more than once. As a matter of fact, some women fake almost all of their orgasms which may make us assume that we all are great actors.

It is actually difficult for a man to know if his woman has had an orgasm. There may be no trace at all that it has occurred! No trace of any liquid being ejaculated or signs of “coming down” from climax. This makes it difficult to blame women for faking orgasms, don’t you think so?

Don’t get us wrong, this article does in no way attempt to shame the dignity of women. There are justifiable reasons why women fake orgasms. The following are just common reasons as to why women they do and we hope this will help you initiate safe and inspiring conversations with your sexual partner.

Women when they are with a new guy are mostly concerned with pleasing him.

This is a fact that try as much as they may, women can’t deny that they’re so concerned about the new guy that they think little of themselves. Sadly, above all the things women do to please, they want to make sure their partner ejaculates. It in a way gives them some sort of assurance that they’ve been successful. His ejaculation means they pleased him, they’ve won but they aren’t pleased themselves.

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It often takes women time to share the things that gets them going.

Women might have a need to feel secure in the relationship coupled with feeling that their partners need to understand their desires and fantasies before they can be able to reach an orgasmic state. It could be she’s open to using sex toys or she wants to get kinky in other ways. She may enjoy being on top or want you to touch her in specific places. Whatever the case may be, women expect you’d show understanding and patience especially since they’re getting to know you better.

Sometimes sex is painful for women.

There are times in which sexual intercourse is painful for women especially when they are on their period or close to it. More so, it is painful all the time for some women. The presence of endometriosis or ovarian cysts may be responsible for the pain just as birth control pills can also be responsible for the pain by making the lining of the vaginas thinner and more sensitive too. Some women on the other hand have experienced sexual trauma which may have a psychological effect on them. Some women may not be able to orgasm as easily or in different positions as they’d love to. It may be wise to consider discussing this with a partner that’s comfortable with sharing as many positions as we’d like to.

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Women can feel vulnerable (just like men) in expressing their orgasm.

You may find a woman feeling all sweaty or making some funny and weird faces when she’s way into the sweaty sex act. Truth is sex makes everyone vulnerable as one can never be too sure of what will happen when she relaxes and flow with the act. It could be that there was a time she orgasmed and some pee came out which was embarrassing to say the least. The human body can be unpredictable which is a good thing if taken with a light heart.

Lots of women don’t know how to orgasm during sex.

This is not because they haven’t thought of ways to go about it but simply because it has never happened to them even though they’ve tried a lot of things. Certain medications and antidepressants make it a herculean task sometimes almost impossible to orgasm. There are women who only reported getting an orgasm at a gym, while laughing real hard and some in their sleep. Women who can’t orgasm during sex often are frustrated by it, and may only want to have sex because it makes them feel good in other ways. Such as the feel of how their partner touches their nipples. Stuff like that make women feel intimate and close to their partners.


Ladies, you might want to try out an array of things such as masturbation – if you’re open to it. It can be a good way of determining what would make you orgasm. Try a lot of different things. Use lube. Use toys. Lay on your belly. Lay on your back. Try the corner of a table. Make sounds. There is nothing wrong with you neither is anything wrong with faking orgasms. Do what’s right for your body in your relationships.

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