Meek Mill Puts Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown & Khloe Kardashian In Legal Trouble

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Meek Mill

It’s not the best of times for Meek Mill right now.

While he’s trying to drag himself out of his mess with Drake, he’s managed to drag girlfriend Nicki Minaj and superstar Justin Bieber into a lawsuit.

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Meek Mill had rented a Beverley Hills house for a post-Grammys party, and had left the house a little more than trashed.

Meek allegedly refused to pay for the damage, leading the owner to file a lawsuit. The lawyer for the owner revealed the party’s guests, including Nicki and Bieber, will be named as trespassers.

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Chris Brown, Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are also being named, and will all face a deposition.

Let’s hope Meek Mill deals with this one the right way.



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