Martino: If I Were Messi, I’d Have Quit Argentina Long Ago

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Argentina boss Gerard Martino has said he would have quit Argentina if he were Lionel Messi, due to the criticism the forward has received.

Though Messi is being revered at Barcelona, he has faced heavy criticism by his compatriots and has been blamed for their lack of silverware.

Martino says he understands Messi’s frustration, due to the way he is being treated by his compatriots.

“Nobody told me that Messi is not allowed to play friendlies,” he told Fox Sports. “Neither via his mouth, nor my mouth, nor the mouth of Argentina football association’s president has Messi’s absence been called for.

“To talk about such a thing is to give credence to rumours that don’t deserve analysis. Those who criticise Messi’s performances don’t deserve to analyse football.

“Talk of him considering retiring from the national team is frustrating but understandable; if I was Messi, I’d have stopped playing for Argentina a long time ago.”



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