Man Sentenced To 359 Years In Jail For Murder & Raping 2-Year Old

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Man gets 359 years for rape, murder: Jerry Active bags huge sentence

Man gets 359 years for rape, murder

A 26-year old man, Jerry Active, has been sentenced to 359 years in jail for raping a 2-year old and killing her grandparents.

Man gets 359 years for rape, murder: Jerry Active bags huge sentence
Man gets 359 years for rape, murder: Jerry Active bags huge sentence

Active head beat Touch Chea, 71, and Sorn Sreap, 73, to death in their Anchorage home in 2013.

He also raped the couple’s 2-year old daughter, with police calling the attack the “worst thing they had ever seen in their lives”.

The court found him guilty on 10 felony counts, including first-degree murder, multiple counts of sexual assault, sexually abusing a minor and robbery.

One of the sexual assault counts included the rape of a 90-year old woman, who died in June.

According to state officials, Active had just been released from prison barely hours before he committed the atrocious crimes.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Philip Volland said, “Mr. Active’s actions will remain a scar on the community.”




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  1. Its easy to wax poetic about the punishments fitting a monster like this, and I would never argue any of them unfitting for something this monstrous.

    To be practical, I would argue that that the punishment should include death and include a dramatic display in an atmosphere reflecting unity of “The State,” as such. It needn’t be exotic, but it should be done in an atmosphere that reflects our entire society unified in opposition and in judgement.

    Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have once shot a man on the White House lawn for Treason. I’m pretty sure that story is not true–but with monsters like this, it SHOULD be.

    I also strongly feel that a crime like this constitutes TREASON, and should be prosecuted as such. That may not make immediate sense to most people, but if we look at Treason as a classification, rather than just a crime, there is a logic to the increasing severity of classifications–from infraction, to misdemeanor, to felony, to treason. I believe a felony so dispicable as this constitutes not merely a felony, not merely an attack on an entire race, but indeed an attack on all humanity–and as a crime against humanity–and as our entire State unifies against this, I would argue this case MUST be prosecuted in the most aggressive manner our society can manage–as it is our response that defines our unity, as it is the unity of our expression that furthers the distancing of our culture in the most extreme terms of which we are capable.

    The future will judge us–not merely on how exotically this beast is punished, but on the strength of our unity in expressing the greatest distance of which we, as a people, as a State, as a culture, are capable.

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