Lady Narrates Sad Tale Of How Her Ex Burnt Her With Acid

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A tale of wickedness and heartlessness from Lagos will sadden anyone with a good heart as 23 year old Rosemary who is in the intensive care unit of Lagos University Teaching Hospital narrates how her ex lover scarred her with acid.

Rosemary who is a caterer received a phone call one fateful day from a lady who was trying to hire her services. The lady asked to meet Rosemary to further discuss and when Rosemary asked her how she got the phone number, the mysterious lady said  she would explain when they see each other.

Around 8 PM that day, the anonymous caller contacted Rosemary again and they agreed to meet at Lawanson Bus Stop, Surulere, Lagos. The woman asked Rosemary what she will be wearing and the victim said a red top and shorts. The woman told Rosemary that she will be in a red car.

Without any inkling of the danger that was ahead, Rosemary set off for the bus stop and as soon as she got there, a call came through from the anonymous caller.

“I quickly told the caller that I was there already and she said that she had seen me,” Rosemary said.

As Rosemary turned to see where the caller was, a hand lifted her hair from her face and poured a bowl of acid on her. She let out a loud scream as her assailant fled. She was blinded as the pain seared into the skin on her face and chest.

Rosemary told the police while on her sick bed that when she turned her face towards her attacker, the person she saw was a man and she believed it was Nwokobia, her ex-boyfriend. The 30 year old Paul Nwokobia had earlier threatened Rosemary that if she left him, he will make sure no one will want to marry her.

When the case was reported to the police, investigators swung into action and contacted the telecommunication company which provided service for Rosemary’s mobile line. It was traced to a Charles Orji who was promptly arrested. Interrogation revealed that Charles and Nwokobia work in the same sachet water company. Charles said that Nwokobia sometimes uses his phone but he can’t remember if he lent it to Nwokobia that day.

Rosemary who was promptly rushed to the hospital by sympathizers in the vicinity of the incident is recuperating.




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