Kendall Jenner Is Pictured Shopping For Second-Hand Clothes In West Hollywood

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Kendall Jenner

Guess who shops for second-hand clothes too? Kendall Jenner of course!

The reality star and model was photographed by Paparazzi as she shopped for used clothes in a vintage store in West Hollywood.

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The 19 year old whose younger sister just turned 18 (and which makes Blac Chyna secretly happy because now she can go for her without feeling like an agbaya) looked chic in a simple top and jeans.

Kendall Jenner 2 Kendall Jenner 3 Kendall Jenner Kendall 5

Kendall Jenner is reportedly dating Nick Jonas who was introduced to her again by Gigi Hadid who is dating Taylor Swift’s ex Joe Jonas.

Meanwhile Taylor and Gigi are besties :/

Let us know when you understand too…



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