July: States Where Nigerians Pay The Highest/Lowest For Petrol (List)

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The National Bureau of Statistics has released a list of states where Nigerians pay the highest/lowest for petrol for the month of July.

Here is the list for states that Nigerians pay the highest below:

1. Bayelsa – N153/litre
2. Taraba – N130/litre
3. Yobe – N121/litre
4. Kogi – N119/litre
5. Cross River – N118/litre
6. Enugu – N116/litre
7. Niger – N115/litre
8. Benue – N115/litre

According to the report, residents of these states below buy petrol for the cheapest price in Nigeria:

1. Oyo – N99/litre
2. Kaduna – N95/litre
3. Katsina – N95/litre
4. Abuja – N94/litre
5. Ogun – N94/litre
6. Kano – N92/litre
7. Lagos – N92/litre



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