Judge Orders 1860 Fans To Buy Bayern Munich Jerseys

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This has got to hurt the fans of Munich 1860 to their souls as some of their fans have been given an ultimatum by a Judge in Munich to either buy Bayern Jerseys of spend 15 months in jail.

A few months ago, two fans of 1860 Munich attacked and assaulted a Bayern Munich fan, the fans were tried and according to the judge he wanted to really hurt both fans of 1860 Munich to act as a deterrent to other over-zealous fans so he ruled that both fans were to buy the fan of Bayern Munich memorabilia from the clubs store as well as pay the victim the sum of one thousand euros in damages or face 15 months in jail. The offenders grudgingly bought the memorabilia and paid the fine but we don’t expect them to be messing with any Bayern fans in the near future.

To put it in relative terms; the punishment is like having a Manchester United fan buy Manchester City jerseys or an Arsenal fan buy Tottenham jerseys or an AC Milan fan buy Inter Milan jerseys

Ola BlaQ

Ola BlaQ

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