Jose Mourinho Compares Pedro To Maradona!

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Jose Mourinho

Diego Armanado Maradona is a name that is only mentioned alongside those of legends and pace-setters in the world of football. Among players playing right now, Only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have the qualifications to be mentioned in those circles. Some might even argue with Ronaldo’s credentials. Somehow, Mourinho in a manner only he can found a way to put Pedro Rodriguez and Diego Maradona in a comparative statement.

Many reporters were left surprised by this comparison but the Portuguese manager did not compare Pedro and Maradona on their careers but on the Spaniard’s debut performance for Chelsea. Pedro bagged a goal and an assist within 30 minutes of his Chelsea debut and always looked good on the ball. It was a fantastic showing by the 27 year old, especially considering the fact that he just arrived at the club less than a week ago. “He wasn’t quite Maradona but he was close,” Mourinho told Chelsea TV. “He’s a very good player. Mourinho also went on to talk about the pressure that rested on the player and how he dealt with it “There is always a question mark because of how many top players come to England and don’t perform immediately. We have examples in our club and there are lots of examples at other clubs, so it’s very nice for him to come and straight away perform the way he did”.

Manchester United have been left licking their wounds but Mourinho is ecstatic and has been excited to the point of illusions of grandeur concerning Pedro.

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