ISIS Releases Kill List Of 1400 People

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Terrorist group, Islamic State (ISIS) has released a `hit-list’” of no fewer than 1,400 people.

This was made known by representatives from IS who took to social media on Wednesday night to announce the publication of the list.

The list which includes the details of eight Australian police officers, defense force employees and public figures was mostly made up of U.S. Defense Force personnel.

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The release of the list was accompanied by an order to strike, prompting warnings of lone- wolf style attacks on Australian soil.

IS supporters have encouraged lone wolf-style attacks, with one saying the list was `useful’ for those intending to carry out an act of terrorism.

“This information is very useful for lone wolves to act and kill,” one of them said on a social media.

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A note accompanying the list also said that “with the permission of Allah (we) will strike at your necks in your own lands.”



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