“I Know You Miss Me” Blac Chyna’s Message To Tyga?

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Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is never afraid to show her curves on Instagram.

Blac Chyna was spotted in this risque outfit at a friend's party in June.
Blac Chyna was spotted in this risque outfit at a friend’s party in June.

The mother of one who had a public situation with her ex and Kylie Jenner just a few months back has once again done it for the gram.

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Chyna who posed in nothing but a bikini shared the photos with her Instagram followers, adding a caption that has gotten people wondering who she had in mind when she took them.

Blac Chyna 2 Blac Chyna

She captioned the latter, “I know you miss me”.

The caption has caused quite the speculation, with many wondering if the mother of one is referring to her ex Tyga.

And since we always get front row tickets to these people’s drama, it would all unfold for us to see in time.



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  1. DAM .. this person really has the low-price hooker thing down !! Classy, with those huge legs, hips, azzz & fake boobies. Work that corner on the south side, Ms. Blac

  2. All dressed up, heading to the clinic. Gotta get more meds for those STD’s. She is one nasty lookin’ ho. Don’t think ANYBODY missed that. Good time had by ALL of Compton.

  3. Where does she even find cloths like that??? Looks like The HO Collection by Fredricks of Hollywood. Holy crap on a cracker !!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a guess ….. stripper / cheap hooker?

  4. She has a kid??!! Bet she didn’t have to push it out. It just fell out. Don’t know who she thinks is missing her. After seeing those pics of her, I gotta go wash in bleach and scrub my eyeballs with Lysol. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww !!!

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