How Cool Are You? The Top Trends Of 2015 You Need To Follow

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This year, we’ve seen a lot of good, bad and ugly trends. What could be better than a fun year? i’ll be picking out the top 5 trends of 2015. Before the month of December, we may see some other new things but for now… *drum roll*

5) Straight Outta; This just started which is why its at number 5. Shout out to the clueless people who just followed the trend without asking their neighbor what it’s about. By August 14th, you’ll be informed. *Sips Zobo*

straight outta
Straight Outta My Mind

4)Ripped Jeans;  Now this is a fashion trend that may have come to stay. Just like we saw crop tops and felt it was for a while but brethren, its been a long while and the thing hasn’t cropped out of our sight but it’s fine. The good thing is, the ripped style gets better by the day.

Ripped Denim

3) Selfie Stick; The point of a selfie stick is to show what? the kind of floor you’re standing on? a different view of the photo? To me, the selfie stick is something that just disturbs the photo. really. But whats the harm in trying out a trend?

selfie stickk
You can improvise.

2) Baby Mama;

Teacher; What do you want to be in future?

Student; Korede Bello’s baby mama. He’s so cute, young, handsome…

Teacher; Do me a favor please. Gerrarahia mehn sh*t!

I haven’t called any names but i shall call. *sips zobo again*

This year alone we had(in no particular order), Barbara(timaya’s second time baby mama),

Sophie Momodu(Davido’s baby mama)

Sharon Oparacho(D’prince’ baby mama)

Adebukunmi Aisha Sulaiman (Olamide’s Baby mama)

Anita Solomon(Maje Ayida who by the way is supposed to be married got himself a baby mama/mistress),

Anna Ebiere(Flavour’s baby mama).

Following this trend is optional biko. I can’t shout.

Baby Mama Needed. Apply within and without. (1)
Baby mama notice board

1)Natural Hair; This has been on for a while but the heat was turned up this year. Even i, was caught in the heat. Its been beautiful. Seeing photos of African women embrace their natural hair is refreshing. There are now natural hair salons springing up at every corner. This is one trend that should stay forever! and you should follow it! because its beautiful! yes! I’m not shouting, i’m just saying.

So in the photo below, we have from the first box by the left, Omoni Oboli(top Nigerian actress and producer, mother of three handsome young men), Nse Ikpe Etim (probably the realest Nigerian actress in the game), Zainab Balogun (Nigerian actress, model and television presenter), Joanne Nneka “Nikki” Anyansi (Face of Music Meets Runway 2014), The beautiful Paula (Admin of the All Things Natural Hair channel that guides everyone through their hair journey).


natural hair
Omoni oboli, Nse Ikpe Etim, Zainab Balogun, Nikki Anyansi, Paula ATN

One more thing has been going on lately. i’m yet to confirm if its a trend or true love. That’s a story for another day.

In other news, my best OAP just got engaged. Today’s going to be good.

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. I also need baby mamases o…please, all interested applicantd should apply with Silifah(my upcoming babymama) *no be me talk o

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