Honorable Secretary #3 (Lunch Break) By @Maskuraid 18+

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Ludacris’s ‘Move Bitch’ woke me up at exactly 5.30a.m. I wholly agree if you think the alarm tone is ridiculously inappropriate but it gets me jumping up from the bed no matter how deep my slumber is. Luda’s tone makes you imagine he is standing there ready to smack the hell out of you if you don’t get up and get a move on. Now if somebody could just make that song boom at high decibels whenever you honk your car horn, I think traffic issues would be greatly reduced on Lagos roads.


I was fully dressed and ready for work on the dot of  six but hunger pangs came calling, courtesy of the fact that I didn’t have dinner after yesterday’s deliverance session with Mrs Ayiri. The only edible thing in the house was the Adila Yorghurt she brought for me so I had a glass and it tasted quite wonderful. Smiling as I recollected the ‘thick akamu’ effect she ascribed to it, I made a mental note to stock up on the stuff. Customer satisfaction is very important in this kondo dispensing game.


Toyin walked into our section at 7.40 a.m looking slightly grumpy. Aside from me and one other guy, the communal IT Departmental office was still largely empty.


“Morning DD. Someone looks as if they had a rough weekend. What ails thee princess?” DD was code for her large pawpaw shaped boobs, just in case you didn’t know that already.

Her response was less than enthusiastic.

“Morning you. Someone looks particularly happy this morning, as if they won the lottery over the weekend.” She made a face and continued.

“The weekend was just too boring; no action at all. Maybe if you hadn’t totally abandoned me or had replied my messages yesterday evening, maybe it wouldn’t have been that bad.”

“Awwwwww. I’m sorry babes, I was a bit busy going over some things I took home to work on and didn’t even pay any attention to my phone. You know I would never just ignore you like that, I was just totally occupied.” That was a lie, I’m sure her messages had come in during my induction as ‘assistant daddy’.

“No biggie, just know that you owe me some mood lifting sometimes later today.” She winked as she said that and slowly walked away towards the exit door that led to the Brand Visibility Department where she worked. I watched her buttocks vibrating within the confines of the green wraparound dress she had on for a few seconds before I returned my gaze to the computer screen in front of me.






I’d been particularly engrossed in work and the disruptive sound of my blackberry was a little irritating but I paused and picked it up to check who was pinging. It was Toyin.


DD: Hafa, serious staff.


I started typing.


Me: Unserious staff, sup?

DD: Nothing much, just tot to distract you a bit.

Me: LOL. You try.

Me: No need for distraction tho, not all of us have a chilled unit head like urs.

DD: Yimz.

Me: True, mine is always on my case. Dunno if I wronged her in a past life.

DD: Na beef, e no easy to be fine boy. Maybe her husband na Ojuju.


Me: Gerrahia joor, laundromart like you be washing person.


DD: Lunch time in a bit. Are you coming?

Me: Coming sounds seeeghsual.

DD: Na you know. Here’s something to whet your appetite.


Two pictures dropped in quick succession.


The first tagged ‘hi there!’ was a picture of her bald pussy, peeping out from behind her red thong which was slightly pulled to the side. In the second one tagged ‘naughty’, she had a glistening middle finger rubbing her prominent clit and her thong was nowhere in sight. Someone had obviously been having some illicit fun in the ladies or something.


Me: Choi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Licking my phone here.

Me: You started without me ba, just remember that diarisgod in everything we do.


DD: You know there’s always a plate for you at my table.

DD: All you have to do is turn up.

DD: Lunch then?

Me: You bet your cute ass.


I dropped the phone and returned to work but concentrating was kind of hard with the thoughts running riot in my head. Lunch was just over an hour away but ‘lil J’ was already anticipating the menu.


My extension rang at exactly 12.45 p.m and I casually picked it up, expecting it to be one of the guys.

“IT support, Tunji speaking. How may I be of help?”

“See me in my office immediately.”  Click.


Come and see total change of attitude. Now if my Unit Head is a Microsoft certified witch then the Executive Director must be the verified head of the Coven. She didn’t even bother with things like introduction or telephone etiquettes; she just barked down the line in her curt voice and dropped the line before one could respond.


What did Karishika want now eh, just as I was about to go for lunch. Which kain devilish wahala be this one? I ran to the elevator and punched in her floor number.




“Come in.”

The response to my gentle knock on her mahogany door was delivered in the same tone as the one she had summoned me with. I opened the door and stepped into the plush but freezing office.


“What took you so long? You think I have all day to waste?”

Her back was turned towards me, having swiveled her seat to face the stand alone monitor beside her table but the venom was potent all the same. You dare not argue not argue with Karishika.

“I’m sorry ma, I came immediately I dropped the phone.”


She continued tapping her keyboard for what seemed like an eternity and I was almost convinced she had forgotten about me standing there before she suddenly turned around, as if she was trying to catch me off guard doing something silly.


“Sorry for yourself”, she sneered. I couldn’t help but notice her face would be so much prettier if she quit scowling all the time. Pointing to her Samsung tablet on the table, “I don’t know what’s wrong with that thing. It’s not coming on, take it away and fix it.”

“Yes ma.” I zapped to her table, picked up the tab and stepped back to my previous position – then waited for her to dismiss me.

Instead she nonchalantly swiveled her seat back in the direction of her computer and resumed tapping for another couple of minutes.


“You can go.”

I rushed out of her office without a backward glance.


It was already 1.15p.m by the time I got back to my table and dumped the tab in my drawer. My blackberry had numerous pings and eight missed calls from Toyin who must have been wondering what the hell had happened to me. I called her immediately.


“Hi babes. I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting jare. Karishika wanted me to fix something and you know how much she likes wasting time. Where are you?”  She was at the restaurant opposite the office, waiting.

“We barely have half an hour, meet me at base pronto.”


Base was the discrete joint where we sometime got together for quickies during office hours.  It was actually one of the underutilized State Government Liaison buildings on the Island where a couple of squeezed one thousand naira notes in the right hands gave you a bed behind closed doors for quick service. It was clean, just a few minutes from the office and one of my guys from secondary school was in charge so it was cool.


We got there almost simultaneously and I picked up the key from my guy whom I’d called on the way down. Parking our cars inside the vast compound away from prying eyes, we quickly made our way upstairs.


I managed to lock the door before I pounced on Toyin. There wasn’t even any time for preliminaries, I just pushed her towards the lamp table, raised up her dress and dragged down her thong. With shaking fingers I unzipped my fly, tugged my trousers and boxers to my ankles and rolled up my shirt to chest level then applied some saliva on my dick for lubrication before I slid into her pussy from the back all in one slick movement. She whimpered a bit, adjusted her buttocks height to give me better access and after I made sure she was set for the ride, I started pumping. We were both in heat, a little surprising for me given that I had been with Mrs Ayiri less than 24 hours before.  Maybe there was some truth to the ‘baby okwu’ thing after all.


As I thrust in and out to the rhythm of Toyin’s moans, a picture of Karishika suddenly appeared in my head. I will say it was anger at the face that drove me because I immediately started pounding harder and faster at the recollection of the humiliating treatment I’d just suffered in her hands. Toyin was obviously enjoying the frenetic banging as she ooheed and ahhed. Faster and deeper I drove repeatedly into her accommodating warmth while she urged me on until with a little shout, I blasted hot semen deep inside her.


My dick hadn’t even stopped pulsating when I withdrew and started wiping it clean with the tissue my thoughtful guy always ensured was provided for our use. Then I wiped Toyin clean too before she pulled up her thongs and smoothened down her dress, ready to return to the world as if nothing had happened.


The entire ‘breakout’ session had lasted for approximately eight minutes.


We made it back to the office just before 2p.m and went our separate ways. Work resumed on the hour.


Thirty minutes or thereabouts later, my blackberry pinged again.


DD: Action man. That was totally hot but short.

Me: Sorry hon. Wham bam sturvs, no time for Uche’s face.

DD: Lol, I know. Mood lifted already, like my dress.


DD: I’m hungry though.

Me: Yeah, me too.

DD: Seeing as you made me miss lunch today, you owe me dinner sometime this week.

DD: My place?

Me: Just gimme the time baby and I’ll be there.

DD: Good. Now get back to work!


I did, with a huge grin on my face.


The SMS from Mrs Ayiri dropped just as I was about to close for the day. ‘Hi Seke to sure, we go see tonight’?



Abiodun is a member of the Mainland Book Café who daily juggles the Lagos hustle with running his personal blog and trying to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Prose (fiction) and poetry roll of his pen as the spirit directs and his first collection of short stories (which is still without a title) is expected to hit the shelves very soon. He blogs at www.versesbybeordoon.com


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