Here Are The Top 5 Music Phones of 2015

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I am a great lover of music, with a collection that includes thousands of tracks from scores of artistes. Music on mobile is something I am particular about in choosing a smartphone for personal use. If the music reproduction is bland on a smartphone, that device isn’t for me.


For fellow lovers of music out there, here is a list of the smartphones that I consider top 5 in music available in the Nigerian market at the moment.


Motorola Nexus 6

nexus 6

Coming up from the rear is the Motorola Nexus 6. This phablet offers Google’s play Music service along with stereo speakers that deliver very rich audio. It has no expandable storage though, so you are limited to your online storage, streaming and the internal storage of 16GB or 32GB depending on the model you buy. Price: From N100,000.00 upwards.


HTC One M9


HTC has developed a reputation for delivering superb audio both on the stereo speakers and on earphones. While HTC have no music ecosystem, the M9’s stellar audio quality and good battery performance mean that you will enjoy superb music experience on it if you use 3rd party music services or carry your music on your microSD card. Price: Around N130,000.00


BlackBerry Z30

blackberry z30

The BlackBerry Z30 is not marketed as a music device – and that’s a shame. Why? Its stereo speakers produce top-notch audio in terms of both quality and volume. Plus, it has what is close to legendary battery performance. Listening to music on a long road trip on this is a delight. Pop in your microSD card with your music files, or subscribe to a music streaming service and you are good to go. Local support is available. Price: Around N56,000.00




Finding a music-dedicated device without breaking the bank is a tough one to crack. The Boom J7 is the only budget device on this list, and for good reason. It comes with the Boom Player, TECNO’s own music ecosystem that allows you to buy and download tracks – along with the lyrics so you can sing along and learn. You can buy music from earned points or mobile phone credit, so you’re covered if you don’t have a credit/debit card or if you’d rather not use one. The J7 comes with a good Metal Hi-Fi earphone set with noise cancellation and while the loudspeaker is mono, audio quality and volume are really good. Lastly, it is a beautiful phone. If you want a good music experience on a budget, the Boom is where to look. And you get local support and warranty cover. Price: Around N20,000.00.


Apple iPhone 6



And in the number one spot is the iPhone 6. Apple does music well. From the iTunes eco-system to the audio reproduction through either earpiece or mono loudspeaker, the iPhone 6 does music well. To buy or stream music from the iTunes and Apple Music service, you need to have a Credit/Debit Card linked to your iTunes account. Thankfully, battery life is fairly good on this iPhone model. Note though that you are limited to streaming and internal storage. And don’t forget to be ready to break the bank if you want one. It is the most expensive smartphone on this list. Apple finally has local support in Nigeria, so if something goes wrong with your expensive baby, you are not quite on your own as it used to be. Price: From N145,000.00 upwards.


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Mister Mobility

Mister Mobility

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  1. I will pick the BOOM J7. For me, I do not want to break the bank to get a rich music experience. Plus, the BOOM J7 even allows me to add my 32 GB micro SD card. BOOM J7 is my number 1.

  2. I have used 3 of these phones, and the best sound quality at the best value for money is the Tecno Boom J7. It has a Boom Player app pre-installed with thousands of songs, and also comes with earpieces that make magic out of music.

    Next to that I’ll say the HTC One M9. An Amazing device for music and pictures too, but only for those who have the cash to spare.

    1. As the youth choir cord. of my church, I can testify to the greatness of this BOOM J7. Scoring songs just became easier, like the phone was made for me. Hail Tecno!

    1. OMG!!! I’m definitely getting this phone this month… It’s what I can afford. I kent come and goan die because of Nexus 6 when Boom J7 can do similar stuff na

  3. Imagine a 20K producing better sound quality than a 145K+ phone. . . mehn! Tecno has really gone beyond the notch.

    1. I Swear!!! The experience and feel you get from the BOOM J7 for that prize is really worth it. Cost friendly and customer satisfying. Chinese Engineers are really showing the world stuff they are made of. . .

  4. Tecno Boom J7 is the best Music? phone ever build apart from the Double power amplifiers and Boom player it also has a great gestures, when the screen is off ? play music by just moving your hand⬇down ⬆up ➡next ⬅

    ?play ⏬?push ♊ ?next ⏪ ? next ⏩ in lock screen.

    It also comes with tap to wake,
    Short cut like draw C for Camera, W for WhatApp in off screen,
    Air gesture and so on.

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