#Hacked: Huddah Monroe Nudes Leaked on her IG

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Huddah Monroe Nudes Leaked

Huddah Monroe’s nudes have been leaked on her own Instagram account, with the perpetrator claiming to be her ‘enemy’, Vera Sidika.

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The Instagram post shows a woman’s breasts with the caption saying that the Instagram account has been hacked by Vera Sidika. The photo posted was a supposed nude of Huddah Monroe showing her nipples.

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Huddah Monroe nude Huddah Monroe nude captionThe accused, Vera Sidika, also a Kenyan socialite immediately denied the allegation in the comments section. She accused Huddah Monroe of using her name for a cheap publicity stunt, which a lot of people believe.

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Vera Sidika's response to Huddah Monroe nudesAs expected, the post has been taken down by Instagram.

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