#Guys Only: 10 Lies Women Tell

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People lie all the time and it seems it is a part of human nature to do so. A lot of people lie for a variety of reasons but knowing who lies more between males and females is a talk for another day. If you’re a guy however, your girlfriend has probably lied to you more than once for some inexplicable reasons. It could be she did so to get out of a jam or to protect your relationship from disintegration.

This is not to say lying is a good thing but to help you understand that doing so can save you from a lot of stress at times. If you’re a guy and you’re wondering what your partner has lied to you about, look no further as we bring to you 10 Things Your partner May have lied to you about which you had no idea of.

“I only ever have sex dreams about you.”

Women have the ability to have wilder and more explicit dreams than men, just as they also retain the ability to remember what they dreamt about more. Some people have ascribed these abilities to hormonal changes that take place as a result of the menstrual cycle women pass through. Irrespective of what the cause maybe, the sex dreams women have are much more explicit than those of men and they can recall the memories way more easier than men. When your woman wakes up sweating from a sensual dream, she tries to get herself back into the erotic fantasy she had even as she knows that’s not possible. She then makes an attempt to gain satisfaction by telling her partner her dream – but leaving out a major point. The guy who gave her the satisfaction which she says is you when that’s not the case.

“I’ve never fooled around with any of my guy friends.”

If we follow a certain rule which multiplies the number of person you’ve been with by three, chances are you’re partner has been with three times the amount of guys she told you she’s slept with. It is however more difficult to determine which of her male friends she has slept with. This is so because it would be plain difficult for her to tell you that she once slept with one of her close friends whom you know. Not much men would be able to stomach knowing she’s been with her friend talk more of allowing their girlfriend hang out with someone from their past. Human beings are wired to be territorial by nature. So unless your girlfriend is willing to let go of the bond she has with some guys from her past, she will continually assure you repeatedly that she has never had anything with any of her male friends.
“I barely ever masturbate now that we’re together.”

It is normal for men to visualise female masturbation despite the fact that men feel that they are doing a good job by making their women achieve orgasm and as such they do not need to touch themselves as much as they did in the past. Such men feel their women are more satisfied than they were before and as such underestimate how often their women touch themselves for their own pleasure. When you find your woman saying out of the blue, that she hasn’t masturbated in a while, she probably has. Meanwhile, it’s not that she craves sexual self stimulation, but masturbation provides some sort of fun in a special way for her.

“I’ve only ever slept with people I’m serious about.”

Research has shown that the time between when a woman experiences are first period and the time she decides to settle down with a partner she intends to get married to are as wider than ever before. Research has shown that the modern day woman has to wait longer from the point of entering puberty and begin having interest in sex to the point they actually decide to give birth to children. This shows that the women of today have more time on their hands to experiment different men before even considering settling down to have children. And the surprising thing is a lot of women are making good use of the opportunity as evident in the hookup culture common amongst people that belong to the 20-something year old bracket. The phenomenon is one that can be explained from a biological point of view as such it is not unlikely that your girlfriend has had a bit of fun playing around. She may have gone through the phase where she had to lower her standards to get laid or do some pretty weird stuff sexually. Just don’t expect her to admit it.

“You’re the best and biggest I’ve ever been with.”

Even if you’re the one that disvirgined your girlfriend, chances are she has been with some guys who she probably had touched or mouthed. As women experience several men, they tend to develop a sense of what a ‘normal sized’ penis looks and feels like. But irrespective of how your penis might rank on her preference scale, she’d act impressed by your package and reassure you that you’re the biggest and best she has ever been with. In truth, penis size unlike vaginal tightness is not something that easily be adjusted and as such, she might as well make you feel well equipped if you fall short in that department. Moreover, the ideal size would be difficult for you to judge as a man given the fact that penises are not that visible to the outside world and drawing comparisons would be difficult. If you fall short in size, your woman would naturally tell you that you’re much more skilled than any of the guys she’s been with previously.

When she says your handsome friend ” is just not my type.”

It’s natural for women to go out of their way to tell you that they are in no way attracted to the most handsome or attractive person among your friends. You might hear statements like “I just don’t see it,” Or, “I guess he’s good looking, objectively speaking, but you’re definitely hotter” often which is just to make you feel secure. Women try to dissuade your fears and insecurities especially if she is able to establish in your mind that she’s not impressed by the finest among your friends. This can make her easily communicate with them and perhaps flirt without making you feel too jealous.

“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Women have their “dream guy” among celebrities and famous people and nobody really comes close to those guys. That’s just the way they are. But since she wouldn’t want to bruise your ego by telling you the one she’s crazy about, she’d probably tell you regularly how much you meet all the criteria on her list of attributes an ideal man should have.

“That guy we saw was not hitting on me.”

If your woman tells you about someone you met not hitting on her, she is probably underplaying or even exaggerating what happened. If she’s exaggerating it, she probably wants you to be a little jealous by reminding you that she can still court suitors. She may also want to see the way you react to the scenario so she can determine how passionate you are about her. However, she may also be trying to prevent an altercation where you punch someone from staring too long at your Babe. Whatever the case may be, there’s usually an ulterior motive.

“I’ve never faked it.”

When someone fakes orgasm or sensual satisfaction often, it is always counterproductive as the other party would most likely associate specific moves with increased pleasure which is non existent. But women fake it ever now and then to a certain extent. If she senses that you’re waiting for her to orgasm which she may likely not have soon, she may moan just to sustain the action. Women understand that being vocal a long way and they won’t want to taint it by telling you the orgasm they had was fake.

“My parents adore you.”

While it may be true that her parents love you better than the others, it may not be as true as she paints it or even for the reasons she says they do. When she says they like you, it helps her in two ways. It is an easy compliment and also a way she can stroke your ego to make you feel superior to all the guys from her past. In truth, parents mostly measure how good you are by the way you treat their daughter rather than by your individual characteristics.


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