“Face Your Work…”- Bishop Kukah Criticizes Buhari

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Bishop Kukah has criticized the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari of probing “perceived thieves”, and instead asked him to focus on governance.

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah who is the current Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto made this statement spoke on Wednesday while addressing journalists after a closed-door meeting between the National Peace Committee and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara in Abuja.

Bishop Kukah advised President Buhari to concentrate his efforts on providing good governance, rather than expending his energies on probing deeds of past government office holders.

He said it was better for the government of the day to avoid getting distracted from the core business of governance on account of too much talk about probe.

The Abdulsalami Abubakar-led National Peace Committee has in general been against President Buhari’s probe of the previous government, but the President has been resolute on his stand insisting that all corrupt officials from the past government will be brought to book.

Bishop Kukah has been facing outlash by Nigerians on social media who want to know why offenders should not be probed and prosecuted for their crimes while in office.



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  1. It is unfortunate that Bishop Kukah himself has lost focus! He should concentrate his efforts on teaching his diocesan about Christ and leave President Buhari to do his job. I laud the President on his decision to go after those selfish minority that looted our treasury and shredded our economy. Posterity will judge him right! Little does the Bishop know that if the looted funds are recovered it will help our economy a great deal considering the huge amount of money involved. As far as I am concerned, probing the “perceived thieves” is part of governance.

  2. I listened to the bishop on a Channels TV programme this morning and he was not against investigation. His concern and that of the Peace Committee is that Nigeria needs to move forward with good governance and we do not need further distraction.

  3. Having listened to Bishop Kuka, he was not against probe but a deligent application of due process and to avoid selective abuse of the anti corruption war. He articulated the opinion of the peace committee.

  4. What is governance without accountability. The peace commitee are done with their job, they should go home unless they took part in the looting in thaf case they should be the first ro be orosecured.

  5. Nigerians are good at name calling and praise singing. His excellence Most Rev Dr Kuka, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto has blown the whistle. Bravo to the Rev gentleman

  6. It might be easier to read d bishop’s concern as saying, “deploy d full capacity of government- people, structure, institutions, vision, philosophy, etc., to govern,” instead of being pre-occupied with talks of “probes” and “corruption.” Engaging d full capacity of government to govern will, of course, take care of everything, including “corruption,” without making it seem like it is only a single item, or topic, that the government is obsessed with. Right now, government structure is not fully in place, leading to us having less of d help & work of governing.

  7. President Buhari must dissolve d Peace Committee within seven days as it has outlived its usefulness, then proceed with the probe of d looters of d last administration if he must not incur the wrath of Nigerians who are seething with rage over entrenched corruption. Bishop Kuka is definitely out of touch with the mood of the nation!

  8. I agree with chuka president buhari should dissolved the peace committee, and also please bishop did you know what these selfish looters has done to average Nigerian, a lot of young people see stealing has a way of life. Bishop stay in church and teach your members the way of Jesus Christ our Lord, leave our president alone to do his job. We voted for change.

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