Even When Winning Is Illogical, Losing Should Be Far From Optional – #TheHustlePlaylist

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Even When Winning Is Illogical, Losing Isn't Optional - #TheHustlePlaylist


Fear, fear’s a powerful thing. I mean it’s got a lot of firepower. If you can figure out a way to wrestle that fear to push you from behind rather than to stand in front of you, that’s very powerful. I always felt that I had to work harder than the next guy, just to do as well as the next guy. And to do better than the next guy, I had to just kill. And you know, to a certain extent, that’s still with me in how I work, you know, I just… GO IN

– James “Jimmy” Iovine

Wagwan fam, how’s your hustle treating you though? For some of y’all just finding out ’bout the hustle playlist (CLICK HERE), see ehn…I ain’t here to teach how to live your life oh, rather I’m sharing with you guidelines (more like a road-map) any hustler should have in mind when he/she is GRINDING.

Was watching a Timaya interview some months back but wasn’t really paying attention till I heard him (Timaya) say “Plan-B?…nah I don’t have a Plan-B, I just put my mind and God to whatever it is I’m doing without having NEGATIVE THOUGHTS“.

Fam! If only you can have such a mentality, you wouldn’t care ’bout them past failures, you’d rather say “I’m Doubling my Grind; F*CK the Part-Time!“…cause the fact that they say “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step“; doesn’t mean you have to move your feet to begin that journey because as a young man (not even wise as King Solomon) I had to rephrase that quote to make it more user-friendly for my type of lifestyle: “a journey of a thousand miles starts from the heart” i.e; it all begins with the heart.

In conclusion, success and failure both start from the heart so my dear friend it’s up to you decide if you want to be successful or the opposite… even Mojeed said “On some Marc Jacobs shades now I swear I can see a better future”; “One thing for certain if you lead me down the road to the riches I promise to never u turn baba (God), Not even though I’m going through hell”. The only key is FOCUS!

#TheHustlePlaylist consist of two tracks; LISTEN TO MURUTALA MOHAMMED by MOJEED and BRING IT ON by P-Square below:

  1. Murutala Mohammed Mojeed 4:38
  2. Bring It On ft. Dave Scott P-Square 4:00

  DOWNLOAD: Murutala Mohammed by Mojeed (6.4 MiB, 352 hits)

  DOWNLOAD: Bring It On (feat. Dave Scott) by P-Square (7.3 MiB, 101 hits)


– Aworoghene Michael (@Oghene_Michael)

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

“I grew up in the age of 50 and Game ...“

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