Draxler Going Nowhere – Heldt

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The media painted a picture of Draxler leaving Schalke for Wolfsburg, but Horst Heldt has denied such talks.

German media reported that the 21-year-old midfielder had tears in his eyes when he shook hands with coach Andre, when he was substitute off during Schalke’s 3-0 loss to Wolfsburg.

It was also reported that Draxler asked his teammates how he would look in a Wolfsburg shirt.

Heldt has refuted such claims, with bids from Juventus for Draxler already being denied repeatedly.

“Both Julian and Andre were more surprised than anyone to hear these reports,” Heldt told the club website.

“Julian has vehemently denied having uttered anything even remotely like that.

“As for Andre and the handshake, it was a very normal gesture after a substitution. Also, he had no “tears in his eyes”, as was reported.”



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