Does Size Matter? Man With 18-Inch Penis Says Women Run Away From Him

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Cabrera has world’s largest penis

A Mexican man is laying claim to the title of the world’s largest penis, saying his member is so big it scares women away.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is not exactly pleased with his organ, saying he considers it a disability.

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His schlong reaches down well below his knee, and Cabrera wants his disability recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

To satisfy any doubters, 52-year old Cabrera even had an x-ray of his tool done.

Cabrera has world's largest penis: Mexican man shows off huge tool
Cabrera has world’s largest penis: Mexican man shows off huge tool

He said: “Look where it is, it goes far below the knees.

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“I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am a disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support.

“Then, I want to go to the Guinness to get recognition.”



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