Dad Lets His Daughter Drown Than Let Men Save Her

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In a story that is sure to make your skin crawl, an Asian holidaying in Dubai with his wife and kids, refused to let lifeguards save his daughter because it will ‘dishonour her’.

The poor 20 year old daughter got into some trouble as the family were vacationing on a beach and screamed for help. As lifeguards reached out to help the young man, the father stood in their way saying he did not want her to be touched by strange men.

He became aggressive and pulled the lifeguards away saying he preferred to let his daughter drown than have her ‘dishonoured’ by rescuers, according to police.

Lt Col Ahmed Burqibah, Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department, said the father was later ‘prosecuted and sued’ for preventing the rescue teams from saving his daughter’s life.



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