Couple Keeps Teenager As Sex Slave For Five Years, Uses Bible As Excuse

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A couple who turned a 13-year-old girl into their sex slave and sealed her off from the outside world for more than five years have been arrested.

Rob Johnson, 44, and his wife, Marie Johnson, 43, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, took in the then 13-year-old girl to live with them after her mother died.

According to police report, the teenager was told that she could only be part of the family if she had sex with the couple.

The girl said she was forced to call Rob “master,” and that Marie Johnson had pushed her against a wall and held her by her throat until she agreed to the meet the sexual demands.

She also said that she was beaten when she failed to follow the couple’s directions or complete her chores.

The girl said that the abuse happened repeatedly for five years until she was 18 years old.

Police says throughout this time Rob Johnson held Sunday school classes for his family at their home, invoking Old Testament Bible Passages to justify the couple’s actions.



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