Controversy Queen! Kylie Jenner Rocks Cornrows Again After Being Criticized The First Time

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By now you should know that Kylie Jenner is Kim’s younger sister and it’s in their DNA not to care about what people think!

The 18-year-old reality star changes her hair almost as regularly as she changes her underwear and this time around she has returned to her most criticized looks.



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Kylie revealed on Snapchat her new look. She ditched her colorful wigs and usual long flowing hair for braided cornrows infused with blonde strands.

Just a month ago, Kylie Jenner was heavily criticized for the same look, she was accused of ‘appropriating black culture’ by fans and even another celebrity.

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 Despite the backlash she faced in the past, the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan did’t let the previous negative reactions stand in the way of her getting cornrows again.
What do you think of this look though? Rock on or make it stop?

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