Chris Brown Slams Baby Mama After Her Ex Is Declared Wanted By Police

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TMZ posts Chris Brown addiction story

Chris Brown and his baby mama have taken their drama up a notch.

The father of one slammed his baby mama Nia Guzman via Instagram when news broke that her ex was wanted for fraud.

Nia’s ex King Ba was the one initially responsible for Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty long before Breezy found out he was the real father of the child.

It should be recalled that recently, Nia filed a lawsuit against Brown, saying her child was not safe around him.

The lawsuit which got Chris angry must be the reason he slammed her when the news of her ex wanted for fraud, broke.

However, Nia is saying it does not count because the man is not around her anymore.

Chris Brown

Smh Nia, it does count. And here is why, the fact that a man capable of all of these was around the child in the first place makes her as much as an unfit Parent as she deems Chris to be.

So basically, that child has two crazy ass parents.

Good luck, Royalty. You’re going to need it.

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