Chris Brown Gets A Huge Tattoo At The Back Of His Head

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown just got a huge tattoo at the back of his head yo and just like everything he does, this is getting so much attention.

The father of one who recently announced via Twitter that his next album would be named after daughter Royalty added to his large collection of tattoo.

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Chris Brown
Breezy shared this photo on Instagram four hours ago but does not reveal the new tattoo.

The tattoo which took a large part of his head and which he had to shave his head for is the face of Venus de milo, a popular Greek statue.

Chris Brown tattoo 2 Chris Brown tattoo

Not one to be shy of expressing his love for the arts, Chris Brown is a huge fan of not just tattoos but graffiti paintings too.

He has been seen painting different images numerous times in the past.

This tattoo is a big one though, what do you think?

Beautiful or plain ridiculous?



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