Busta Rhymes Under Investigation For Threatening To Slap Fans

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Apparently, the rapper needs to see ”someone” concerning his anger issues perhaps he needs to watch some episodes of Charlie Sheen failed TV show, Anger Management.

Busta Rhymes is being investigated for allegedly threatening to slap a fan at the BET Awards this past June.


According to reports, the victim, Kim Simpson, says that her and a friend were dancing when they accidentally bumped into the short-tempered rapper. He allegedly took it badly, warning her that he’d bite her if it were to occur again: “I’ll bite you and not that kinda bite,” he allegedly said.

Later that night the girls were taking photos with a reality star and Busta was caught in the middle. He allegedly told the two:

“Don’t make me slap you,” and charged at them but security got in the way and prevented anything from happening, TMZ claims.



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