British Actor David Oyelowo Is The New James Bond

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David Oyelowo is James Bond

Actor David Oyelowo will play the part of James Bond in the audiobook of Anthony Horowitz’s new James Bond novel, Trigger Mortis.

David Oyelowo is James Bond: Actor set to narrate audiobook.
David Oyelowo is James Bond: Actor set to narrate audiobook.

“I am officially the only person on planet Earth who can legitimately say ‘I am the new James Bond’,” the Selma star said.

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Trigger Mortis is released on the 8th of September, and Horowitz revealed he was delighted to have Oyelowo voice the iconic agent.

Horowitz said it was “an honour to have an actor as talented as David to read my take on Bond”.

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According to Horowitz, Oyelowo has “a brilliant voice and talent for bringing out the nuances of dialogue and characters”.

Oyelowo however isn’t the first Black James Bond, with actor Hugh Quarshie having previously narrated an audiobook of Dr. No, one of Flemming’s originals.




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