Bill Cosby Rape Allegations: Three More Alleged Victims Speak Out

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Bill Cosby hit with defamation suit

The number of women Bill Cosby has reportedly raped keeps growing.

An American lawyer, Gloria Allred, has brought forth three more alleged victims of Bill Cosby.

Speaking with reporters during a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Aug. 12, the women, Colleen Hughes, Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer, and Eden Tirl detailed their alleged disturbing encounters with the 78-year-old actor.

According to Hughes, who was a flight attendant at the time, Cosby allegedly drank champagne from her footwear during their meeting at his hotel.

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“He raised the shoe toward me offering the drink in my shoe to me and said, ‘A princess should always drink champagne out of a glass slipper.'”

She passed, but opted for a glass of champagne. After drinking she passed out and woke up in his hotel room hours later and felt semen on her back.

“Bill obviously didn’t use a condom,” she said.

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Hughes now 64 further claimed she ran into Cosby again, “It was obvious to me that he did not remember me and [he] used the same line about how I was a ‘fine Irish lass,’” she said.

“I told him, ‘You already had me once and I don’t want to ever be drugged by you again.'” He then asked her if she ever told anyone and she told him, “You are Bill Cosby, who would believe me?”

Whitedeer, now 69, claims she was attacked by Cosby in 1971 when she went to talk to him about her acting career. “His attack was fast with surgical precision and surprise on his side,” she said of the alleged encounter, adding that she was forced to give him oral sex and that he told her, “I had been blessed with his semen, like holy water.”

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While Tirl, 49, who appeared in episodes of The Cosby Show claimed that after a 1989 taping, he came onto her, telling her, “That’s all were going to do, make love.”

Tirl said she left the dressing room before anything else could happen.




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