Balotelli Could Join Watford

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This is simply a case of how the mighty have fallen. From premier league winner and global footballing sensation, Mario Balotelli has now become a player that is only being targeted by Watford football club at the ripe old age of 25.

Balotelli might not make that move being the proud footballer he is as he struts around a stadium as historic and iconic as Anfield like he is too big for the club despite managing only three goals in all competitions last season. The player has however been told to leave the club if he still wants to play football by manager Brendan Rodgers and the hot headed Italian is unwanted everywhere. Nobody wants a media nightmare who would only manage a handful of goals all season and that is what Mario Balotelli is but Watford who play in the championship are willing to take that gamble. Watford owner, Giampaolo Pozzo is reportedly very keen on the forward and Balotelli is looking to stay in England rather than return to Italy even though Sampdoria, a club famed for accommodating washouts for their final season in Europe are reportedly looking at the possibility of signing the forward,

Watford are not really looking to sign Balotelli for football reasons as he is currently a liability on the pitch for any team but Pozzo would feel Balotelli would give the club some publicity as anywhere Balotelli goes, media attention follows. As any good businessmen would tell you: there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Don’t believe it? ask yourself this: When was the last time we at 360nobs wrote about Watford football club?

Ola BlaQ

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  1. Shit journalism! Club has already stated that they are not interested and FYI, Watford are a Premier League team.

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