Anita’s Diary: An Unending Legend

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By : Anita Ofulum Okonweze
Legends told stories of how we as humans have evolved through an unending time… with each phase or time passed we gradually forget what we once where, leaving memories in a locked up vault of events.

Different stories have been told but this is the one I’ll love to tell.

Humans were made in two forms combined. Having two powerful mouths, four eyes and ears, in this form they were content and lacked nothing, they felt neither grief nor greed and because of the homeostatic state they were unknowingly powerful

Zeus a god among gods became infected with fear and jealousy because of how the human race was content, Zeus feared that one day humans will no longer fear him for being more powerful, so he called upon all his offspring’s and the offspring’s of his brothers and gave them swords forged from the tears of Olympus. These swords were capable of ripping a human into two.

Zeus sent them down onto earth like rain from the heavens; they fell and ripped every sing human from themselves cutting souls into half, leaving humans unstable and without form. The consequences of this was thus, Humans began to feel different unknown feelings but one feeling was that of ‘Loss’, it felt painful and long, tearing into the remaining parts of their unstable souls.
Now trapped unable to leave the paramount of their narrow minded beings, subconsciously begin a journey to search for their other halves exploiting unknown and foreign resources along the way, some even settle for a little bit of satisfaction, some get the rare blessings of finding their other halves and subsequently finding peace, others like me with small memories of that time can only imagine what it feels like and wonder if we’ll find ours before this time ends

The great god Zeus was still forgotten thereby putting humans in a constant state of confusion, this pushed humans to find more powerful than him, and they found their Maker

About Writer; Anita Ofulum Okonweze is a 300 level student of Delta State University, she studies Psychology and is a deep lover of all things romance novels






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