Album Review Of BoB’s “Psycadelik Thoughtz”

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Bobby Ray Simmons Jr hits his core fans with his fourth studio album. It bares 11 songs in all and was released officially on the 14th of August. B.o.B has been on a rollercoaster kinda stardom since his first hit song “nothing on you” featuring Bruno Mars. Did you know b.o.b plays the guitar pretty well? Well i didnt. We hope this album shows the bobby we all know and love.


The first song PSYCADELIK THOUGHTS talks about a drug induced state he finds himself in most times. He assigns the blame to the stress of the world. So he gets trippy not cos recreation or habit but cos stress. LOL, this guy.


VIOLENCE talks about the ferocity at which B.O.B is coming through with this time. The instrumental has this electric feel to it, which a break from the norm, so cool. wordplay was present as well as good enough production. We see quite a vicious and vivid scenery painted here. “…born prodigee no apologies fuck a policy, f**k around and make a monster outta me…” and i could have sworn i heard Jon bellion’s voice on here, but eh, who knows.


CONFUCIUS means teacher and we all know how oral sex has been substituted for words like “head” ,”brain” etc. So basically this song’s about oral sex. Vivid imagery seen here with little or no wordplay. No rhyme scheme which is somewhat of a waste to such a beautiful funky instrumental.


BACK AND FORTH has a sweet slow funk tune that will get you in the groovy mood. Good to see rappers experiment and infuse other genres into the hip-hop culture. Its a disco jam ,good jam. The only downside is the poor imagery displayed. Its more of a disco jam so the basics of rap don’t apply here.


PLAN JANE will remind you of the song “airplanes”  but the two songs dont bare resemblance in content. It talks about those that feel like they aren’t enough aesthetically. Its deeper than someone that one person will conclude on so I’ll leave you to extra deductions. But basically it talks about esteem and struggle to fit in. Quite vivid and emotional tune.  Again , the elements of rap are at a minimum.


HOUR GLASS talks about the female shape – hour glass in relation to time and other related words. The wordplay here was ingenious and witty with vivid imagery. The funky up beat instrumental too wasn’t bad at all “…work it work it, time be stopping when you drop it…” Good jam!


VIOLET VIBRATO is a more solemn song, almost soft rock if you ask me. It sees a lot of string and vocal work. Touching and emotional imagery portrayed here.  Is it B.O.B strumming there?  


UP is a laid-back rap song  relatively good enough content. It sees B.O.B addressing possible complains about how much he has changed, and also how one should mind the company you keep. He makes references to the occasional usage of recreational drugs too.


JOBURG  carries another up tempo instrumental.  Here  we see B.O.B admiring a female image and nothing more really. Disappointing if you ask me.  


LOVE LIFE features Sevyn Streeter. The song basically talks about how the life of fame has been treating bobby ray and so far he has adjusted well so its probably treating him well. The imagery was very blurry though.


HAVE NOTS describes a state of not having – scientific definition right there; courtesy Ladi. Ok, the song tells whoever is listening to always be contented cos life as its key to going through life sane. B.O.B uses his story to explain the ‘have nots’ concept as well as the concept of contentment. So, love yours!


The album shows diversity which is a plus. It shows rap, hip-hop, funk and some elements of blues and soft rock.   The imagery, wordplay and content could have been better , as some songs were really void of any tangible content, just marsh of words – JOBURG.

FLOW – 6










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