Album Review: Dr. Dre’s “Compton”

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Album Review: Dr. Dre's "Compton"


Artist: Dr. Dre

Album Title: Compton

Label: Aftermath Entertainment

Released: August 7th, 2015

This here is the third studio album from the crowned richest hip-hop artist as at 2015. ANDRE ROMELLE YOUNG aka Dr. Dre, is a well-known record producer/rapper/entrepreneur/husband, who changed the game with his style of downbeat heavy sound. This album is titled ‘COMPTON’ – his hometown of which he has been loyal too for a while. His previous albums ‘the CHRONIC’ and ‘2001’ were massive hits and we hope this one will be too. Let’s get reviewing…

INTRO being the first song on the album talks about the genesis of Compton and also how life gradually turned sour for its inhabitants. TALK ABOUT IT sees King Mez and Justus, two beautiful artistes don’t take my word for it, you’ll see as we move along. This song basically sees Dr. Dre telling us he’s rich but not rich enough.   “I just bought California them other states ain’t far behind it either”… “the world ain’t enough” . Not much of wordplay here or punchlines, but the imagery was quite vivid and production was superb too.

GENOCIDE sees Kendrick Lamar, Candice Pillay and Marsha Ambrosius on what seems to be one of the best beats on the album. The baseline is just angelic and more. The song talks about violence and crimes both in its actual sense and also relating such violence to what he is pulling the music industry, in other words ‘don’t test me’.

IT’S ALL ON ME sees BJ the Chicago kid and Justus. It’s a mellow track that sees Dr. Dre complaining (maybe) as to how everything falls back on him in the end, favors and good songs, and how it has been like that for sometime now. “This one of dem dreams you don’t wake up from, then again you don’t sleep if you come from where I come from”.

ALL IN A DAY’S WORK sees collaborations with Anderson .Paak and Marsha Ambrosious. The song talks about the pros and cons of the fame he got and the fact that it’s not all of a sudden, you have to work for it. At 03:37 we see a sort of slave skit emphasizing hard work. Once again we see awesome production here and good vocals from Anderson .Paak.

DARKSIDE/GONE is almost like two songs in one. The first song has both King Mez and Dr. Dre on it with the regular rap core depicting Compton as the Dark Side. The other half sees Marsha Ambrosious and Kendrick Lamar. Dr. Dre talks about his growth in the industry and how he’s a key ingredient to its taste today, to maintain a sane standard. Blurry imagery but awesome beats, has little or no punchline with basic rhyme scheme.

LOOSE CANNONS; sees appearance of the legendary producer COLD 187um alongside XZIBIT and Sly Pepper. This song paints violence. Watchout for cold’s part where he does a little skit with his supposed spouse. The suspense had me sweating YO! Once again we see references to all the crime waves and “gangsta” living in COMPTON. It also has a message in it if you listen well. DANGER!!!

ISSUES see Ice Cube on a track since probably the ‘90s; we also see Anderson .Paak and Dem Jointz on this one. This track talks about Dre’s attitude towards the weak rap game these days. He states how none of these newbies haven’t dropped anything he can call a classic “…man this industry to me it feels a little plastic, I ain’t heard nothing I can call a classic”.

DEEP WATER sees Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak and Justus “… inner city bullet fly till that bi**h on auto-pilot…” this song describes COMPTON as the deep water where not just anyone can survive except you are accustomed to such lifestyle (violence and all). We also see what might be a lowkey shot at Drake from Kendrick “…they liable to bury him, they nominated 6ix to carry him…” but who knows.

ONE SHOT, ONE KILL sees the legendary Snoop Dogg and Jon Connor. This track sees Snoop laying claim to that throne also saying he never really left. The song had this rock feel to it which is edgy and isn’t really seen everyday, you know? And they did well on it. “You are now not in the presence of nice guys…

JUST ANOTHER DAY sees Game and Asia Bryant. Game takes his time to describe gang activities affiliations as. The second verse and Asia’s hook talks about the day to day survival of niggas in COMPTON. Short, basic beat and rhyme scheme and good imagery painted.

FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY features Jon Connor, Anderson .Paak and Jill Scott. This song describes the love for money and women as vices. Also talks about accomplishment in a boastful way. He has the right to brag don’t you? “…damn look at that body, she come along with the territories, turn around move it for me, bend it over, end of story…”

SATISFICTION sees Snoop Dogg, King Mez and Marsha Ambrosious. This jam is probably the, trillest on this album. It talks about fictitious satisfaction which makes up the tittle of the album. It talks about artists living fake lives and that contributing to their stagnancy. King Mez“…like sneakers shopping, some of you ni**as sickening, cause you’ll take your soul out just to fit In…”

ANIMALS features Anderson .Paak as an important part of the song. The song describes the black race and hardship they face. It also has addresses the lowkey brewing issue of racism. “…The only time they wanna turn the cameras on is when we f**king sh*t up…”

MEDICINE MAN sees Eminem, Anderson .Paak and Candice Pillay. Though Eminem doesn’t fit the COMPTON bill, he features on it nevertheless on a song that seems like a continuation of ‘I Need a Doctor’. The song talks about the naivety seen in the music industry and serves as a means to wake up the already unconscious industry.

TALKING TO MY DIARY has just Dr. Dre on it; the song is based on old thoughts and flashbacks. Dr. Dre, mainly was reminiscing on those Good ‘ol Days.

To conclude with, Ladi feels the Doctor did a whole lotta bragging on this album, from TALK ABOUT IT to IT’S ALL ON ME to ALL IN A DAY’S WORK. Not like he hasn’t earned it but we get the message. We see good production alongside productive collaborations. As much as Dr. Dre says he wants to drop gangsta rap’ we keep seeing traces of suit in his rap style, and after listening to this album you cant hell but imagine COMPTON as a hell hole. Overall it’s a good enough album if you listen properly.

FLOW – 8








– Tope Oladipo (@ThxLadi)



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