AKA Pays in Cows & Goats For Impregnating DJ Zinhle…Then They Split

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Rapper AKA and South African DJ Zinhle welcomed a baby girl earlier this month. Unfortunately, the two are no more an item as they have announced their breakup.

DJ Zinhle shared on her Instagram that the couple have amicably and mutually decided to go their separate ways. She also gave a link to her blog, which contained a full statement.

Official Statement… www.momentsbydjzinhle.com

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ZINHLE JIYANE (@djzinhle) on

Fans were distraught and flooded the site even temporarily crashing it.

The split comes as a surprise as just a few days ago, AKA paid Zinhle’s family a visit at their home in Dannhauser, KZN Midlands to pay the customary rites of offering two cows and two goats for impregnating their daughter. It is only natural that people thought he considered the relationship serious enough to follow an old tradition.

Zinhle’s uncle, Mbongeni Jiyane, confirmed that AKA had to pay two cows and a goat. He paid cash for the second cow. The first cow and the goat were live.

“We’d a great day when the father of my grandchild came with his family to pay damages. He paid one cow, one goat and cash for the second cow. I’m happy that he respected our tradition,” said Mbongeni.



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