After 515 Days, Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane Is Found

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A piece of debris found off the Indian ocean has been identified as a part of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that disappeared mysteriously last year.

The debris was found on the the Reunion, an island that is about 500 miles away on the east side of Madagascar, and was identified as part of the wing of the Boeing 777.

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239 people were aboard the Boeing 777, when it went missing.

A statement by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razzak, read:

“Today, after 515 days of the incident when flight 370 vanished I have to announce it with a heavy heart the global team of well-known experts have confirmed that the debris of an aircraft found on Reunion island is from MH370.”

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“We now have some serious physical evidence that hints MH370 sadly ended in the Southern Indian ocean.”

Further investigations will however still be carried out on it.




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