7 Crazy Things About Sex You Probably Didn’t Know

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Sex has been a fascinating subject from time immemorial perhaps due to the fact that it could be gross, weird, pleasurable, fascinating, awful, or just straight-up boring. The truth is we never know what might come out of having sex until we find ourselves in it. Perhaps, the fact that we do not know what to expect is the reason why the human race and even animals are fascinated with it. And of course, the orgasms too.

But wrapped around with the good and bad that comes with sex is the weird and bizarre. Like those things which when you think about would make you cringe and mumble swear words. You immediately try to remove your thoughts from whatever news source you got the weird facts from but you still can’t help but cringe in disgust and wonder, all at the same time.

For instance, did you know sex has an effect on your nose? Of course, your nose is probably the last thing you would be thinking about when you’re getting your groove on but just like your penis or vagina, your nose increases in size during sexual activity. As a result of this, having an orgasm can help to clear out any congestion you may have due to a widening of your nasal openings.

If you’re not sure what we are talking about, then here are seven crazy things you need to know about sex.

Female ejaculation is just pee after all.

The actual “liquid” that comes out of a woman when she “squirts,” or ejaculates has for long held people spell bound. Is it pee? Is it a discharge from somewhere in the uterus yet to be discovered by scientists? Well, look no further as it is pee.

A study conducted on “squirters” by a group of scientists found that all the female participants had empty bladders before they became aroused, but then “urine collected just before squirting showed that the bladder was filling up.” After the women had squirted, their bladders were empty again. Urine samples collected thereafter showed similarities with the ejaculates. It is urine.

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Your nose is affected when you have sex.

In truth, the chance of you thinking about your nose during sex is almost zero but it does swell in size. Because of this, an orgasm can clear out any congestion you might have thanks to those open nasal passageways.

Different things arouse women’s brains and vaginas.

There’s actually a difference between what women want and what they think they want which a lot of the time don’t overlap. A 2009 study in Queen’s University led by psychology professor, Meredith Chivers, took a large group of both men and women and attached their genitals to plethysmographs (a machine that measures internal arousal) while showing them a bunch of different types of porn in order to determine which ones disturbed women and which they were comfortable with. Straight women who took part in the study weren’t aroused by gay porn or by chimpanzees making out. However, their vaginas were aroused by watching the chimpanzees make out. It doesn’t mean women hope to make out with chimpanzees, it just means that female sexuality is made up of the physiological and subjective.

Sex can actually save lives.

Although this has little to do with humans, studies have shown that if a female ferret doesn’t have sex when she’s on heat, she may die. So, when next you shout “If I don’t get laid soon, I’m going to die!”,  know that for some beings, this is actually a very true statement.

Fat men last longer.

A study conducted in 2010 by some Turkish researchers discovered that the way to make men last longer in bed is to fill them up with greasy pizza and fries. The study found that men that had some extra load in them could last an average of 7.3 minutes, while slimmer guys lasted an average of 108 seconds – which is lesser than 2 minutes. Pump yourself full with pizza men!

Sex makes your boobs bigger.

If you’re one of those ladies that are concerned about the size of their small boobs (which you shouldn’t be), you can take solace in the fact that when you’re engaged in some form of sexual activity, your boobs can grow 25% bigger than its normal size. Due to your increased heart rate and blood pressure, your breasts swell up making it much more than a handful.

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More sex means more income.

A 2013 study conducted amongst Greek households found that those who were having sex more than four times a week were making more cash at work when compared to people who weren’t having that much sex. It also found that people that have regular sex where better suited for a promotion. It should however be noted that happier people have more sex and money helps to make people happy. Note that money, happiness and sex goes hand in hand. Be happy and enjoy life.



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