6 Best Real Boobs Of Hollywood

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Tyra Banks welcomes her first child

In this day and time when almost everyone has ditched their God-given boobies, it is always a pleasure to see that some celebrities have not joined the trend.

These Hollywood celebs listed below have natural boobs and they are so purrfect:

Salma Hayek:

salma hayek, boobs, 360nobs
do I have to say more? This picture says it all

Sofia Vergara:

boobs, sofia vergara, 360nobs

Heidi Klum:

heidi klum, boobs, 360nobs
100% real and awesome

Tyra Banks:

tyra banks, boobs, 360nobs
All hail the royal boobness.

Jennifer Love Hewitt:

jennifer love hewitt, boobs, 360nobs
Natural, superb and purrfect!

Halle Berry:

halle berry, boobs, 360nobs
Ageless and beautiful Halle, she can bare it cos she’s got it
Alice Temitope Dako

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