50 Cent Disses French Montana: “Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth”

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50 Cent disses French Montana

50 Cent always someone to throw shade at on Instagram, and this time its fellow rapper French Montana.

50 Cent disses French Montana: Rapper fires shots after interview
50 Cent disses French Montana: Rapper fires shots after interview

Montana had been dragged into  50’s vodka beef with Diddy when 50 had claimed that Montana had showed up for an event and asked for Effen vodka, which 50 is an ambassador for.

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Montana, who is friends with Diddy — who is an ambassador for Ciroc vodka — responded to the claim by posting a video of himself tossing out bottles of Effen.

Montana later made an appearance on The Breakfast Show on Power 105.1, where he said 50 was just dissing him just to promote Effen.

50 didn’t like it, and posted a video online to hit back at Montana.

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“I don’t care about that n—a,” said 50 Cent in a video. “Frenchie betta [keep] my name out his mouth. I get tired of hearing [it]. I’ma make sure his mouth can’t work. Dead ass serious. When I’m talking to Puffy, I ain’t talking to you nigga. Your name is Puffy? When he change his name to Puffy?”

“Every DJ in the country is a Ciroc boy, ain’t none of them saying nothing. Frenchie like, ‘I’m a Ciroc boy.’ Fuck outta here. You need anything you can get, anything, to try and make some sort of momentum ’cause ain’t nothing happening.”



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