5 Things You Should Never Say In Front Of Slim Girls

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Slim women are given a somewhat bad reputation for no apparent reason. Maybe because a lot of people have it in mind that when they tell slim girls negative things about their appearance, it will help them gain weight and not hurt them. Unfortunately however, we forget that the comments about a slim persons weight is just as bad as the negative comments about a fat person. Not every girl that is slim wants to be told positive things about the way she looks as a way of boosting her confidence. Quite a number of them are secure with the way they look.

You don’t know everyone’s story. As a matter of fact, some of the slim girls we all know were actually heavy and may have lost their weight in a healthy manner. For this reason, you might want to analyse the effect of knocking down someone who put in so much effort to lose unhealthy weight down. Not everyone was born slim and it would be wise to avoid spewing hateful words on slim and fat women alike simply because you’re not proud of how secure they are or the way they look.

The hate needs to stop. Let’s take a look at five common things people sometimes say to slim women. You might want to think twice about saying these things to them especially in public after reading this.

“I don’t know why you go to the gym. You’re already thin.”

Perhaps the most bizarre misconception about slim women is that they continue to make an effort to become slimmer. A lot of people might not realise it but making the statement above may be a way of subtly telling her she’s leaning towards Bulimia or Anorexia. Not every slim woman exercises because she wants to shed some weight, some do it because it’s healthy for their bodies and general wellbeing.

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“You have a beautiful face, but you would be even more attractive if you had curves. Eat more.”

It’s a tough call separating someone’s facial attractiveness from that of their body which nonetheless does no one any good. It may be hard for you to realise it but the words you say may make an already slim girls feel below average because her body would never be able to meet up to your wants and expectations. On the flip side, this is same as telling a woman with a bit of weight that even though she has a beautiful face, she’d look even more beautiful if she could shed some weight.

“REAL men like curves, only weak ones go for bones.”

These words are terrible to say the least. Firstly, no one can decipher the body type all men all over the world would prefer. And of course, no one has met every single man walking the face of the earth to know what their preferences are. The truth is some men prefer women that have a slim figure, others want those with an hourglass shape. Still, some would rather go with ladies with full features or slim petite figures. Bottom line, what we want differs.

“I thought you would be very aggressive before I got to know you. Really slim women always think they’re better than everyone else.”

When these words are said, it oftentimes come out in a way and manner it wasn’t intended to be. Saying these words simply means you’re under the impression that women who are slim and fit walk around with an air of superiority and animosity towards the people around them while making jokes at women that are overweight. It is hard for a slim woman who is fulfilled with her job and life to waste her time joking about other women. Your assumption is totally wrong and it has a lot more to do with you than her and it may be linked to some form of low self esteem which you should work on.

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“Your body isn’t meant for this dress. You’re not curvy enough.”

Trying to determine what your friend or spouse wears may be a foolhardy decision. Clothing items come in different sizes simply because people come in different sizes. If sizes and appearance become obsolete, them perhaps everyone would be buying one size fits all items which are a lot of the times too large for slim women and too tight for heavy women. Fashion is meant to be a way where we can express ourselves whether people like it or not. If a woman with no curves wants to wear a dress that accentuates her body, then why tell her the dress is meant only for women with a curvy figure?



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