#360TvSeries: Kenny Johnson Cast To Play Mysterious Murder Suspect In ‘Secrets And Lies’ Season 2

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Kenny Johnson has been cast to as a mysterious murder suspect on Secrets And Lies Season 2.

As quoted by TVLine.com

The series’ sophomore run will focus on Eric Warner , a well-educated newlywed and heir apparent to his family’s private equity firm in Charlotte, N.C. While Eric is attending a party to honor his dad’s  retirement, Eric’s wife, Kate  is murdered — and he must turn to Det. Cornell  to investigate Kate’s death.


Johnson will play Danny, who quickly becomes a possible suspect in Kate’s murder and complicates Eric’s life. With a thousand-yard stare and thuggish appearance, the way Danny lurks and turns up repeatedly at inopportune moments makes him downright scary. Above all else, Danny has a mission, and he will stop at nothing until it’s complete.


Secrets and Lies returns in mid-season 2016

Source: TVLine



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