360nobs Presents Chef Banky W in the Kitchen as He Serves Us Food as Good as His Music

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Chef BankyW in The Kitchen for 360nobs TV

This isn’t a Nollywood movie; it’s the real thing. Banky W got into the kitchen to cook for the 360nobs.com crew.

Stephanie Ani and 360nobs.com paid a foodie visit to Banky W or Chef W, as he’d rather be known; and we got treated to a fabulous meal of barbecued, grilled chicken kebabs and pasta with sautéed shrimp and chicken.

In the video below, Chef W, who just released his newest single “High Note“, tells us how he “eats healthy every night” (Pun intended), shows us how to make the meal step by step and in the end serves us a meal as good as his music

Enjoy the 1st of many 360Nobs on TV videos. You can also download Banky W’s latest single – “High Note” below.

  DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Banky W - High Notes (4.8 MiB, 16,851 hits)

Official 360nobs TV Press Release

Stephanie Ani on 360 Kitchen paid a visit to Banky W or Chef W, as he’d rather be known. And he treated her to a fabulous meal of barbecued, grilled chicken kebabs and pasta with sautéed shrimp and chicken.

Welcomed warmly by Chef W, Stephanie walks into his posh home. He is ready for business and she is invited into his kitchen to watch him do his thing. He is comfortable, unlike most guys who view their kitchens as torture chambers. Banky makes Stephanie wear an apron after teasing her about not having one, and begins the order of the day.

Banky is quite talkative in the kitchen and maybe that’s because Ani is there as company. But he seems like a guy who, even when all alone, would still have a good time cooking. We think he’ll be listening to Marvin Gaye or New Edition or Boyz 2 Men and adding a step or two here and there while things steam up. Banky is all shades of romantic in the kitchen, if there is any such thing.

He gives Stephanie a brief history of how he found his love for cooking. He tells her it all started in the university with the little things he could storm up together to have a decent meal, but he got serious with it when last summer, during an E.M.E tour to the States, he decided he was tired of eating out and letting cooks do everything for him; hence, he thought it was time to be the boss of his own kitchen. Google helped him a lot, though and he made Wizkid and Skales his test subjects in those early days. As he marinates some chicken in a bowl, we know it all paid off as he does it with the ease of a man who is worth his salt.

Stephanie touches on the subject of dieting and he is quite honest with his answer. He likes rice and pasta and other carby stuff and he notes that he’s a grown man and can eat without feeling guilty.

“I just do what I want, and I work out, you know, making better life decisions.”

He emphasizes to Stephanie the importance of caring about one’s health when he adds: “Clean up your diet a lil’ bit. Work out a lil’ bit… I’m having a great life; I don’t want it to end quickly.”

As he brings together the ingredients of his meal, Stephanie throws in a controversial topic that has caused many a debate in social media circles today. Following the rise of women that are shifting away from the traditional roles of housewife who mainly clean and cook, Stephanie wants to know what he thinks about the other group of women that still find it really uncomfortable to have a man cook for them. Banky is forward with his answer and he gets an award from me for the most progressive male celebrity in Nigeria. He throws back at Stephanie on the issue of a woman’s place in the kitchen, letting her know he’s not so big on that school of thought. Using herself, she cites an example, explaining further why certain women still feel it is their duty alone to handle the kitchen. But he is resolute on what he thinks the modern day relationship should be. It’s a two-way street for him. The woman can cook but the man should want to spoil her sometime, stating that it’s a beautiful thing if he does. We really do wish our Naija brothers would take note. There’s nothing as sexy as a man trying to conjure up a meal, even if he leaves the kitchen in blazes at the end of the day. But with the way Banky does it, it goes to show that the kitchen is a place men can sink their teeth into.

Now sporting his own very manly apron, Chef W sautés the chicken, cooks the pasta, takes little sips of wine and converses with Stephanie who is also helping out in the little way she can. No doubt she is having a great time and it all comes to a climax when she is presented with this beautiful-looking ensemble of pasta, shrimp, chicken and yeah, some vegetable too. She has her first taste and she is in love – with the food, that is. In fact, she loves it so much, she would rather eat than talk. And Banky stands by, smiling in confidence because he is Mr. Capable, giving her a taste of his W experience.

For a grown man to be able to care for a woman, he should know how to care for himself first. Banky W knows this and we think he has also found out what most guys are yet to know, that the way into a woman’s heart is sometimes by entering her kitchen and facing the heat.



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