Yahoo Boy Hunter Razak ‘Alhaji Gay’ Adeniyi Killed

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An impostor of the EFCC, Razak Adeniyi, has reportedly been killed.

Adeniyi, known popularly as Alhaji Gay, was known for using the cover of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), to extort money from cyber criminals, known locally as Yahoo Boys.

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Adeniyi, who was detested the fraudsters, was reportedly strangled in Lagos.

The EFCC has in the past denied any connection to Adeniyi, claiming he was an impostor and didn’t work for the anti-graft agency.

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One of Alhaji Gay’s tactics was seizing properties and selling them, claiming they had been handed over to the IG or EFCC.

His street nickname was gotten from the rumors that he was homosexual, as he usually strong-armed the fraudsters into being his sexual partners.



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